In a stroke of genius (or arguably hubris) I decided to do not only this final project on voyeurism, but also the video final project for my film course. In that course my partner and I addressed the use of Voyeurism in National Socialist Cinema (aka Nazi Propaganda).


My work on the (eye)con series and in this course helped inform some of the stylistic choices that were made in the film. It pushed me to want to create a film that was not only informative but visually interesting and complex. (I do somewhat regret doing both projects on this idea though, it turns out there is a limit to how many times you can say voyeurism in a day).  In the process of researching for this video I came across Jacques Lacan. As we said in the video “Jacques Lacan’s theory explains a stage of psychological development where a child recognizes themself in the mirror and becomes conscious of their selfhood. Both mirrors and film exist within frames and the similarities between the two enhance the notion that what we are seeing on the screen is a reflection of ourselves. This reinforces the pleasure we receive in looking. Seeing ourselves in reflection brings back the early pleasure in image recognition.”

As we made this video I applied this theory and interpretation to the work I’ve been doing for this class. With this series I want to address how I feel on the receiving end of the voyeuristic gaze whereas for the film we were exploring how the projection of the gaze can be manipulated on the other end of things.

I wouldn’t consider this film part of the (eye)con series, but rather, informed by it. (I am considering reusing some of the footage of the eyes for this project though)

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