This course was easily one of the things I was most excited for this semester. Going into the course I wasn’t exactly sure what we’d be doing, but I couldn’t wait to brush off my adobe suite skills and create something. When I think back to our first assignment I remember being anxious about jumping back in with vine charcoal (not my favorite tactile medium) but something that I had maintained from my intro to drawing course from last spring is the idea that sometimes you just have to let go of what you think you are seeing versus what you actual see. The chair assignment was rough for me in the sense that I was using all of the skills that I had become rusty with. Between the actual drawing process and the gif making I remembered how hard simple assignments could be. I was glad when we began the blind contour assignment. I enjoy blind contour in the sense that you really don’t know how its going to turn out and that is the point of it. There’s so much freedom there and the results while beautiful are also funny. I really enjoy the joyfulness of that. From there we moved into the combining images project and, well, you’ve seen (eye)con. That was a shift for me. Not only in creating but also being able to explain my choices to a diverse group that don’t share the same perspective as I do. This progressed further into the final project where I was honestly shocked with how well my classmates understood what I was trying to do without a thorough explanation from me.

This course has been extremely beneficial to me. Not just to my processes of creating but in enhancing my perspective when it comes to art history. There, I believe that there is no limit to the ways a piece can be seen and interpreted and in this course I was able to really dig into what and how my classmates created work. In continuation with the honesty I’ve been writing with, I was not expecting this from the course. It was an intro level filled with mostly underclassmen and I am very happy to say I underestimated the depth and quality of their knowledge and work. I will happily admit to my mistake. This course has really benefited me in changing not how I look at art, but how I look at its creation.

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